Ulica M.Tita, Opatija
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About us

Dear guests, welcome to Roko catering establishments in Opatija!

Our family's gastronomic tradition commenced in Dalmatia, on the island of Ugljan, where my father Roko Dunatov worked as the head chef. I followed in his footsteps, devoting myself to the catering trade with a great deal of love and enthusiasm.

As an 18-year-old, I received my first culinary training at the Intercontinental Corporation in Zagreb. After that I worked as the head chef in top-class restaurants in Opatija. I continued my professional path as a private business owner in the catering sector, first with the Mimoza bar, and later with Roko Pizzeria, Roko Restaurant and Veloce by Roko, in which I invested my considerable experience and knowledge, all the while honouring the local ambiance and gastronomic tradition of this town.

As the owner and a professional chef, I pay attention to every aspect of my restaurants: I create dishes based on my own ideas, I have developed our own recipes and menus, and I have also given a lot of thought to interior design, in order to provide a complete gastronomic and emotional experience for our guests. When it comes to food preparation, nothing is left to chance: I hand-pick the ingredients which we use; we obtain special seasoned wood for barbecue and grill; and both our pasta and our sweets are hand-made.

We owe our success to years of dedicated work, great effort, visionary ideas and constant investment. Discover our story, check out our offer, and join us in one of our restaurants.

Your chef and owner

Roko Stjepan Dunatov

A restaurant is its food, ambiance and people – both its staff and its guests. In our establishments, a special emphasis is placed on the synergy of all these elements which are crucial for quality and success.

We are not only concerned with how our guests feel in our establishments, but also with the conditions in which our cooks and waiters work. By constantly investing into our business, we strive to provide the best possible working conditions, as the care invested in the preparation of each dish can be felt in every bite.

Roko establishments

Roko Restaurant, Roko Pizzeria and Veloce by Roko – three good reasons for a culinary visit to Opatija

A Dream Day


A healthy energetic meal at Veloce by Roko

Vegetable tortilla


Home-made pasta at Roko Pizzeria

Green ravioli stuffed with prawns and mushrooms


A romantic evening out at Roko restaurant

Appetizer: fish soup; Main course: tuna steak; Dessert: crème brûlée

The chef is the heart of the restaurant

All our dishes are developed by the restaurant's owner and top-class chef, Mr Stjepan Dunatov.

chef Stjepan Dunatov

Stjepan Dunatov


The sauces and pizza dough are prepared early in the morning, to allow the ingredients to blend together optimally. We make our own bread. We buy our vegetables from the local farmers, and our offer varies according to the season.

Chef recommends


Your beloved Veloce by Roko is now bigger and even more delicious - we are looking forward to your visit!.

Food has to taste, look and smell lovely.

Fall in love with food served by Roko



Write to us, contact us, and we would like nothing more than to see you.

Roko is looking forward to your visit!


Reservations only by phone!

Restaurant Roko:
Opatija, M Tita 116/2
+385 51 712 816

Pizzeria Roko:
Opatija, M Tita 114
+385 51 711 500

Veloce by Roko:
Opatija, M Tita 110
+385 51 704 345

Mail: restaurantroko.opatija@gmail.com

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